• Software and Applications development

    Solutions that provide you with the needed tools to simplify tasks and enhance productivity.

  • Smart Home and Office automation

    With advanced AI capabilities to ease your lifestyle and provides premium luxury living.

  • Voice and Video

    Smart VOIP solutions

    Providing you with unique collaboration solutions which can be integrated with a smart home or office.

  • Custom technology solutions

    Have a technology solution in mind? Get in touch and we will bring your technology idea to reality.

  • Network and Internet services

    Which empowers you and your business to achieve beyond the norm.

  • Prepare for the future with

    Solution for all business

    With over 10 years of experience helping businesses to find
    comprehensive solutions.

  • Smart Vehicle automation

    Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) with your vehicle to control and monitor from a mobile app or using your voice.

Welcome to HOX Technologies

HOX Technologies is a registered company in Nigeria with the vision to simplify human and technology interaction while employing digital solutions to solve everyday problems. We design, engineer and build innovative digital solutions that simplify daily processes. Our solutions cut across every industry and are designed with simplicity..

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